Dear 2016

2016 has been a rollercoaster. Both personally and world-wide. Hell, it’s said to be known as “written and directed by Shonda Rhimes” because of all of the heartbreak and tragic events. Now let me remind you, there cannot be any light without darkness. Of course, that does not justify any injustices or horrific events that have happened, but it is a good reminder that we can’t appreciate the good without the bad. I’m sure there have been many media posts that have focused on the bad that has happened in the world last year. However, I am going to focus on the good that has happened in my life in 2016.

Spending more than a whole year at my job at Chapters. I’ve met some wonderful people. Every day at work was never the same, with all of the quirky and lovely people working with me, there’s always a surplus of stories to be told. Solidifying friendships and enjoying time outside of work with my coworkers made me feel welcome in the Chapters family. And working at a bookstore – talking about books and connecting with customers – what booklover wouldn’t love a job like that?

14225460_867217330079418_2860584600377325755_n.jpg            14492346_1304482382918834_7125875717770749906_n.jpg15272036_1169907219790189_874232640288310898_o.jpg

I had the wonderful opportunity to make some new friends from Iqaluit when our orchestras participated in an exchange program. Getting to know these spunky and loving kids was so amazing, and then going up to Iqaluit and experiencing their culture, music, and way of life up North was incredible! It’s still wonderful to receive daily snapchats from one of my friends I’ve made up there.

12377571_969265826520997_1652667212814511923_o.jpg 12909419_969268673187379_1981980221650655445_o.jpg  12891563_969278776519702_2122924383843292082_o.jpg12440806_969263193187927_4292054058274317258_o.jpg

Working with Halifax Regional Municipality to help create a Youth Plan for the city! I met some more awesome friends and worked on something I cared about. With monthly meetings, many surveys, and puns, we all worked to make a positive change for HRM. Fun fact: we are implementing the plan this year! Watch out for Jan 19th. 😉

13015633_10154759657798662_988134472989436525_n.jpg    12963700_10154759658963662_7416400164578072269_n.jpg

I graduated high school! 4 years of hard work has paid off, I even graduated with two scholarships! While I am happy to leave behind some things from high school, I still miss the friends I had and the teachers who have positively impacted my life. And I got to spend my prom with my person!


13502936_1025668024214110_2531236847458157153_o.jpg 13568884_1025668704214042_8257917826089106991_o.jpg 13503053_1025669610880618_3487097012458019625_o.jpg

13502836_1023103297803916_4079354095861738249_o.jpg 13528092_1023102271137352_4602219654888692876_o.jpg 13522820_1023104284470484_5986842082690138162_o.jpg

One of my best friends from Ontario, Emma, came over again this summer! We met through WE’s Take Action Camp back in 2014, and boy oh boy am I happy to have met her. It’s always a wonderful spending time with this passionate and fun loving girl. I hope that the plans I’m trying to get into action work out this year!


I went to Arizona for Advanced Facilitation Training through WE. This was one of the best experiences of my life. I reunited with some old friends and made many, many new ones. I experienced another culture and climate, I learned new leadership skills and tools to make positive change and even learned about injustices, history and the environment. I miss my AFT family so much and Windsong.

14124441_1066982583415987_954691005309548553_o.jpg      14124347_1071000476347531_5025351647362806050_o.jpg

14054369_1066969843417261_228918279007525299_o.jpg          14053885_1066950563419189_8474947557680582586_o.jpg

I started university! I just completed my first semester of Political Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University. While I am content with my marks and had some lovely days at university, there were many stressful days that I went through. But ultimately, I thought it was a good start for a new chapter in my life.


And finally, I got to be a Champion Crowd Pumper at We Day Atlantic Canada! I met and reunited with a few awesome people and made sure the many crowd pumpers were prepared and pumped for We Day. It was a very successful We Day and I was so grateful to have my CPC fam for support.


15235845_1164445423669702_5210940387697873148_o.jpg 15585167_10157954647220253_1604269598071000602_o.jpg

While it had its ups and downs, 2016 was pretty good! I’m so grateful to have had these lovely experiences and people in my life. Thank you for making 2016 awesome. Yet, I’m glad to see 2016 come to an end. Looking forward to what 2017 has in store.


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