Let’s Make HRM Even Better!

12963700_10154759658963662_7416400164578072269_nAround the beginning of the school year, there was an opportunity for youth to apply to become a part of the HRM’s (Halifax Regional Municipality’s) Youth Team. A month later, youth who I am so happy to know call my friends and I came together with a common passion for making our municipality better for the youth in it.

That being said, if you’re in the HRM, I ask you to help us.

HRM isn’t perfect, no place is. And youth face a lot of barriers when it comes to recreational activities. Families facing financial issues, youth being interested in programs not offered by the rec programs, communities not offering safe and friendly spaces, etc. However, there are some good things too.


So here’s where you come in. We (The Youth Team) have made a survey to receive your feedback. That feedback will help us make a plan that will help plan youth programs and services for the next 3 years!

The age range for this survey is 13-24.

“After completing the survey, you will have an opportunity to enter a draw for the chance to win some great prizes, including the Grand Prize of one of two iPad Minis! The draw is open to residents of the Halifax Regional Municipality, 13 to 24 years old, who have completed the survey. Some restrictions apply.  Winners of the Grand Prizes (or your parents or guardians if you’re under age 19) will be required to sign a Declaration and Release.”

-Youth Plan Survey

Click here to being the survey!

Also, If you have any questions, or cannot electronically fill out this survey, please feel free to contact me on here, on Facebook or in person, I’m always willing to help!


Until next time, have a lovely day!


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