Parenting Done Right

Halloween is just around the corner! I’m not sure about you, but I’m in the spooky mood! As the holiday creeps closer, there’s been an article that has caught the internets attention, centred around a 3 year old boy, Caiden, dressed as his favourite character, Elsa.  Here we see Caiden all ready for the coming holiday and showing the world that he can be what he wants!


After the photo went viral, a reporter contacted Caiden’s family. Caiden’s father told the reporter “Anyone that knows us, knows we generally let Caiden make his own choices, to an extent… Well, he has decided on a Halloween costume. He wants to be Elsa. He also wants me to be Anna. Game on… Halloween is about children pretending to be their favourite characters. Just so happens, this week his is a princess.”

In recent years, people have been noticing that companies are selling over-sexualized costumes to kids and clearly advertising what a “boy costume” is and what  a “girl costume” is.  People are forgetting that Halloween is a day to let kids be whatever they want! If a little girl wants to be Darth Vader, let her be the best Darth Vader EVER! And if Caiden wants to be Elsa, let him talk to his friends about how awesome his costume is. As a wise friend of mine once said: “You do you, rafiki.” – JJ

I hope you all have a lovely Halloween! Look forward to another post soon, as We Scare Hunger is in the making!

Information and photo retrieved from  here.