Cycle Savers

Cycle Savers is an intriguing, hands-on, earth education program for elementary school classes based on a mystery code and club theme. Students decipher the lost manual of the Cycle Savers Club, which launches them on an intriguing adventure to appreciate, understand, and respect the cycles of life through an action-packed day trip to a local park. They return home to complete the final code which takes them on a journey to discover how their household is affecting the environment and what they can do to make a difference.

Years ago, when I was in grade 4, my class was learning about the different cycles; such as the air, water and soil cycles. The whole class went outside and participated in tons of hands on learning (not to mention fun!) activities. All of which taught us about each cycle, how they work and how to respect and have fun in nature.


Fast forward to grade 10, I heard on the announcements that “…any student who would like to become a leader in the Cycle Savers program please come to a meeting at lunch.” I knew that I heard that name before… I went through that program! SO I went to the meeting, through training and became a leader named “Anglerfish” (We go by “nature names” on leading days). I could now teach the new grade 4s all about the importance of the cycles and how we can protect them. I could give them the same experience as I had when I was their age, maybe even a better one!

I’ve been a leader in Cycle Savers for two years now, and I love every moment of it. I love that I am teaching local kids the importance of our ecosystem and everything that it does for us. I get to see their eyes grow wide as they find a mysterious face in a tree. I get to see their love for our planet grow. And that is what I love most about this program.

I cannot wait for what next year brings.


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