Happy Birthday Little One!

Today is Oltaiyoni’s 2nd birthday! 

Firendly Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni is a little elephant (whom I foster) who resides at the wonderful David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. At 6 months old, she was “observed on her own near the lodge for a few days with no other elephants around.” and was rescued. To this day, no one knows where her herd is, or what happened. She was later given fluids through an I.V to manage her dehydration levels.

Once she arrived at the trust Oltaiyoni was very fearful of humans who came to close, but she took her bottle without a problem.

Today, Oltaiyoni is a matriarch in the making. She’s always looking out for the little ones (especially Mbegu, a victim of poaching. She was found with a spear wound on her rump by her dead mother) and doesn’t let the bulls bully her or her “babies” around.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a wonderful place, filled with animals of all shapes and sizes. Warthogs, ostriches, different kinds of antelope, giraffes and more! (The warthogs were like dogs, they just lied in the sun!)

DSC_8083The trust also has a black rhino named Maxwell. He can never leave the trust though, due to him being genetically blind. They’ve tried everything, but they can’t get his sight back. Although, Maxwell has been with the trust since he was a little calf, he’s used to this life and he’s happy.

DSC_8081 When my family and I went there, I was smiling from ear to ear. (Also, I was holding in tears of joy.) Just look at this little one playing with my laces!


It was truly an incredible experience to see the orphans and the remarkably hard work Dame Daphne Sheldrick has put into this facility. Honestly, she’s one of my heroes. If you would like to help support this amazing place and make a difference in an orphans life, foster an elephant, rhino or even giraffe! You’ll get monthly updates on how your little one is doing, and beautIful art work by Daphne’s daughter.


Their Twitter is @DSWT, give them a follow as well!


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